June 22, 2024


Alcoholic Drinks Are Unclean

Author: Sajid Mahmood Ansari

All praise is due to Allah Almighty, the Originator, the Sustainer of the universe and be His blessings upon His last Messenger Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Hashimi Al-Qurshi. And His all Apostles.

Allah Almighty said:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنَّمَا الْخَمْرُ وَالْمَيْسِرُ وَالأَنصَابُ وَالأَزْلامُ رِجْسٌ مِنْ عَمَلِ الشَّيْطَانِ فَاجْتَنِبُوهُ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُفْلِحُونَ (90) سورة المائدة

“O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), and gambling, and Al-Ansaab, and Al-Azlaam (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Shaytaan’s (Satan’s) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful”[1]

The Arabic construction  refers to filth.

The Last Messenger of Allah (May He shower His blessings and peace on him) said:

کل مسکر خمر و کل خمر حرام (صحیح المسلم: رقم ۲۰۰۳)

“Every intoxicant is a Khamr, and all types of Khamr are forbidden.”[2]

From this Hadith it is concluded that every drink that causes intoxication (drunkenness) is termed as Khamr, as Imam Ibni Qudamah (630 AH) said:

ان کل مسکر حرام قلیلہ و کثیرہ و ھوخمر حکمہ حکم عصیر العنب  فی تحریمہ و وجوب الحد علی شاربہ۔ (المغنی مع الشرح الکبیر، ج ۱۰، ص ۳۲۶)

“Verily! Every intoxicant is forbidden, in low and high doses, it is considered Khamr; its status is like the status of grapes juice (wine), in its prohibition and obligation of Hadd (penalty) on one who drinks it.”[3]

Imam Musa bin Ahmad Al-Hijawi (d. 968 AH) said:

کل شراب اسکر کثیرہ فقلیلہ حرام، من ای شیء کان، و یسمی خمرا (کشاف القناع: ج ۵، ص ۹۹)

 “Every drink that intoxicates in high dose, in taking its low dose is forbidden, from whatsoever it is made of, it is called Khamr.”[4]

This definition is supported by the Second Caliph Umar bin Khattab رضی اللہ عنہ  who said:

الخمر ما خامر العقل (صحیح البخاری: رقم ۴۶۱۹)

“Whatever drinks capture one’s senses, that is Khamr.”[5]


From all these statements, it is obvious that every intoxicant is forbidden to intake, whether it contains ethyle alcohol (ethanol) or any other intoxicant like diethyle ether.

The aforementioned Ayah from Surah Al-Ma’idah indicates that all types of Khamr (intoxicants) are Najis(filthy), as it is explained in the following Hadith:

Abu Tha’alabah al-Khushni (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that I said, “O’ Allah’s Apostle (May Allah shower His blessings and peace on him) we live in the country of the People of the Book, indeed they eat pork and drink wine, so what we do with their utensils?” He said, “If you do not find the utensils except theirs, then wash them with water and cook in them and drink.”[6]

Imam Maryee bin Yousuf Al-Karmi (d.1033 AH) listed the intoxicants in the filthy substances. [7]

The Prophet (May Allah shower His blessings and peace on him) allowed using the utensils of the people of the Book, only in case when we do not have any other utensils with us, after washing them properly. So it is clear that wine and other intoxicants are Najis (unclean).

It is notable that ethyle alcohol that naturally occurs in fruits or vegetables, that is detectable only through complicated chemical tests, and it is miniscule in quantity is not subject to this prohibition. However adding alcohol or other intoxicants to the food or other products that touch our body, garments or home appliances is unlawful. Though, the products that contain miniscule amount of alcohols or other intoxicants are lawful to be used, even if they touch our body or garments.

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